Welcome to The Ultimate Spain Travel Guide.

I created this website in order to turn it into a valuable resource for anyone planning to spend time in Spain. I live in nearby Morocco and my family and I always spend 2 to 3 weeks yearly on average vacationing in verious areas of Spain.

Every time we plan a trip there, wether we fly or drive, we have to go through hoops to find the right information about our upcoming destination.

There are literally hundreds of websites that claim they offer the most accurate information on any destination in Spain, but it has always been a pain for me and my family to find simple information about details like bus schedules from Barajas Airport in Madrid to the city centre. Or for example, information on which neighborhood is better for tourists in Barcelona.

UltimateSpainTravelGuide.com was created with those pains in mind. I gathered information from all my personal travels in Spain and tried to condense them in this resource, for you to make your upcoming trip much easier. 


Our website includes detailed travel guides about every major city in Spain, both in the mainland and the islands. 

We have guides about Mallorca, Tenerife, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Ibiza…. and the list goes on and on.

You’ll find little details like what bus to take when your plane lands in the middle of the night in an airport like El Prat near Barcelona. Or what sightseeing bus to choose in Madrid. How much each costs, little activities like the nice cable cars in Madrid.

What makes El Retiro Park better than most other urban European parks. 

And again, the list goes on and on and on….:)

Hope your upcoming trip goes as well as you planned, Enjoy Spain!


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