11 Best Spain Campsite & a Complete How to Find the Ideal Campsite Guide

Spain’s sun must be appreciated. And one way to do so effectively is to pack your bags and go camping in Spain.

The campsites are available all over the country. Some of them have beaches nearby, others have forests, but all of them guarantee an enjoyable and extraordinary time.

That is, of course, if you love to be out in the wild, at least, to some extent.

Many travelers around the world come to Spain to enjoy a camping experience, either under a clear beach sky, or a cultural adventure in the southern part of the country known as Andalucia.

But there are hundreds of campsites to choose from. And it may be hard to find the best one. That's why I have spent hours doing research to pick the 11 best campsites in Spain!

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But, wait!

You may be asking yourself, "why would I want to go camping in Spain?" That's a fair question.

I reached out to a few known bloggers and asked them to share their camping experience with us. They were happy to do so down below. You can jump directly to that by clicking here.

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I understand that the 11 campsites I'm about to list may not be what you are looking for. That's why I have created a full guide to finding the best campsite for you. Click here to skip straight to that!​

11 Best Spain Campsites

Out of hundreds of campsites available in Spain, I have selected the very best 11 campsites. These were chosen based on destination, affordability, and overall rating on the internet.

  • Disclaimer: we are NOT affiliated with any of the campsites down below. We do NOT earn any commission if you book a campsite based on our recommendations. Also, the campsites are listed in no particular order.

Cloud House Farm

This farm has been left to death until a family decided that it is a great place to build a camp at. They were right.

Cloud House Farm is located in a secluded area surrounded by mountainous forest not too far away from Malaga. If you want to camp away from city noise, this is the place to go!

To keep it interesting for travelers, this campsite is in an ideal position allowing campers to visit nearby villages such as Ronda and Estepona.

Basically, what you get when you camp at Cloud House Farm is a nice, quiet area far enough from city noise and close enough to beautiful towns and villages. Add to that, the owners have built two yurts for their guests, a child playground, so they won’t get bored, and a few river pools 25 minutes away from your sleeping area.

Honestly, this is what camping is about! You're pretty much camping in the wild.

You can have more information about booking here, but have a look at their campsite map here, and check its location according to Google maps down below!

Camping El Pino

Another one of the best campsites close to Malaga is El Pino campsite. They are about 50 kms from the airport and only 800m away from the nearest beach.

They are open all year round and you don’t need to book a pitch in advance. They are usually available once you get there.

However, if you want to stay at one of their bungalows, it is best to book in advance to check availability and prices.

As a bonus for staying at the campsite during summer (June-September), you can enjoy free access to a swimming pool.

It is also kid friendly with an available small children playground to keep kids happy and entertained.

All you have to do is get there, have fun, and leave when your time’s up!

Here is the campsite on the map. Remember to bring cash with you to pay for their services, and book in advance in case you want one of their bungalows.

Camping Castell Montgri

This campsite has earned their TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence thanks to the hundreds of positive reviews from many new and returning campers. In fact, if you scroll through the review section, almost everyone has visited the site twice before writing their review. Those who haven’t are promising to visit again the following summer.

Castell Montgri is a summer campsite where families can enjoy all the camping fun in an area designed to have both awesome views and entertaining activities throughout their stay.

The campsite is located in Costa Brava in the southern part of Catalonia. Thanks to its popularity, there are many buses and taxis from both Girona airport and Barcelona’s airport that will take you straight to the front gate of the campsite.

You must book in advance as Castell Montgri has been a camper’s favorite for years and they always come up. So, it’s always full of travelers.

Check them out on the Google maps down below in case you wanted to plan your own route there.

Camping La Torre del Sol

Another excellence certified camping site is Camping La Torre del Sol. The presentation available on their website probably describes them the best. This is where your childhood camping dreams come true.

The campsite is built right on the side of the Mediterranean sea in the northern east side of Catalonia, exactly at Miami Platja, Tarragona.

Palm trees looming behind you while waves of the Mediterranean break next to your feet, this is definitely where you want to camp in Spain.

Considering how beautiful the campsite is, it is understandable to find it full of people during peak times. However, the campsite is basically open all year round. You can book online and in advance to make sure you have both a great deal and secure spot when you land in Spain.

In case you were planning to find the campsite on your own, here it is on the world map:

Playa Montroig Camping Resort

Right next to La Torre del Sol is another beautiful campsite with just as many positive reviews all over the internet. In fact, Playa Montroig is even more praised because of how close the campsite is to PortAventura theme park.

The park itself should be on your list of things to do in Spain, and if you are camping with your kids, you simply cannot pass on spending an afternoon in this park.

There are, also, many attraction close by while the resort offers its own premium services in the form of spas, restaurants, and events held on the campsite.

If you have figured out a way to reach La Torre del Sol, you have definitely found your way to Playa Montroig Camping resort as they are close by.

Playa Montroig is also open year round and offers deals based on the time and length of your stay at their resort. So book in advance and enjoy a lovely camping holiday in Spain.

Vilanova Park

The closest campsite to Barcelona is Vilanova Park. It is also one of the most recommended with around 1,000 positive reviews on TripAdvisor only.

They are open all year round and offering many different deals depending on the season you are visiting.

Because they are close to Catalonia’s capital city, Vilanova Park is the ideal choice if you plan to enjoy Barcelona as a trip destination. Here’s an amazing guide to Barcelona, and a list of 20 Best Things to Do in the city.

However, events at Vilanova take place only during summer, starting from June. Therefore, if you are looking for quiet near one of Spain’s biggest cities, this campsite is you best choice.

But if you are looking for day and night entertainment, you should consider staying at VIlanova Park during a nice, warm summer holiday.

Camping La Viorna

Situated on the northern side of Spain, Camping La Viorna is in Mieses, Cantabria; a region that does not get the deserved praise in the world of traveling.

Therefore, a stay in this campsite guarantees a maximum level of quietness and relaxation. If you love nature and its creations, then you will be pleased with all the mountains that surround the region from all sides.

You can book tours for a discounts from the campsite, just as you can buy your groceries from the supermarket and the restaurant available inside the vicinity.

Camping La Viorna is open all year round and welcoming campers to enjoy some of the best views Spain has to offer. Booking in advance is always a good idea to secure yours and your family’s spot inside the campsite.

Here it is on the Google Map for you to have a look at what’s around it and how to get there.

Camping BellaVista, Aguilas

In another region not appreciated well enough is one of the campsites in Spain. Murcia is a city that not many travelers to Spain include in their list of cities to visit. That’s why this campsite remains underappreciated for all the goodness it offers to its guests.

However, those who found Camping BellaVista in Aguilas through some deep research or just asked a local about a good campsite will surely tell you they have enjoyed their time camping in this part of Spain.

The campsite has been around for more than 4 decades. Both the area where it is located and the campsite's size make it a convenient, intimate, and family-friendly site, open all year round. They even offer discounts based on which season you are dropping by.

So, enjoy an awesome camping experience in a very quiet area in southern Spain.

Sanguli Salou Camping Resort

Back in Catalonia, specifically in Tarragona, Sanguli Salou is where your kids want to spend their summer vacation, their schools’ spring break, their winter holidays, and every other weekend.

Sanguli Salou is a campsite that has been fulfilling guests' wishes for enjoyable time at a campsite. If you are traveling alone, with friends, or with a big family, this camping ground is ideal for all.

Being open around the year and in the middle of catalonia, there is an abundance of cultural things to see and do. But if you are looking for a beach destination, the Mediterranean Sea is only a few minutes away.

You can’t go wrong when booking your stay at Sanguli Salou any time of the year. Here’s where to find on the map!

Camping Armanello

By now, you have probably realized that most campsites aren’t in big cities, and this one is no different. Armanello camping ground is near Valencia, but not that close. It is located in Costa Blanca, precisely in Benidorm, Alicante.

Surrounded by an interesting number of attractions that include a water park, a theme park, mountain camping and much more fun-oriented locations.

Everything is designed so that you and your family and friends can have the best time of your lives, especially if you have young children with you.

If you are planning to visit in the summer and worrying about the weather, you should know that Benidorm has a warm climate all year round. Plus, the campsite offers more entertainment in the high season than it does in the low season.

Therefore, Camping Armanello is a great choice for a first time camper in Spain, and here’s it is on the map! You can book online here!

Camping Rio Mundo

One of the best ways to camp is where nature is. Camping Rio Mundo offers just that.

The campsite is located in Sierra del Segura, a location close to the famous Rio Mundo Falls.

The location allows the campsite to have an extraordinary view to nature as the surroundings are enormous natural preserves. You can actually book a tour around to discover the beauty of the biological, geological, and cultural areas that are just minutes away from the campsite.

More importantly, the list of activities you can do at the campsite includes fishing, walking in forest, and swimming in a lake. Can it get more natural than that?

Camping Rio Mundo is the classic description of going camping and it is a really good experience to have. You can book in advance here!

So, here is where to find the campsite and have the best time camping in Spain the next holiday.

Bloggers' Camping Experience & Tips

As I have said above, there are many bloggers that have tried camping both in tents and in campervans. I have reached out to them and ask about their experience camping in Spain.

They have happily shared their experience with us and added a few tips for having the best experience camping.

    Lotte Eschbach

In a spur of the moment I decided to join my parents for a couple of days on their 3 week road trip around Spain and Portugal. Which is how I found myself on a plane to Seville mere days after their invitation, excited to be going back to Spain, a country I love and cherish…
Driving around Andalusia with a camper van was amazing, there are so many gorgeous villages in this area. We visited Ronda, El Bosque and Arcos de la Frontera but there are many many more... There is also beautiful nature to be found in this region with stunning parks like Sierra de Grazalema and Tajo del Aguila.
I truly think making a camping road trip is the best way to discover Andalusia, there are many lovely campsites with great facilities. Nothing beats sitting on a comfy folding chair with a cold glass of wine and enjoy the warm summer nights of Spain.
One word of advice: the roads can be very narrow in the little towns, please check on foot if you can enter and also exit a street with your camper van before driving in!

    Dave and Deb

Camping in Spain gave us the opportunity to save money on accommodation so we could spend more money doing what we love. Having adventures! We didn't know what to expect as it was our first time camping in Europe but we were pleasantly surprised. We rented a small car for a two week trip and packed up our tent and sleeping bags setting off on a great road trip. I was so impressed with the campsites. We were very surprised with how luxurious some of them were complete with swimming pools, waterslides, hot tubs and restaurants. Our campground just outside of Barcelona even had free daily shuttles to the city. What more could you ask for?
There are a couple of tips you should know before you pack your car. We learned the hard way that we should have packed our own foldable chairs and even a small table. We ended up sitting and eating on our sarongs. If we had a couple of chairs with a table, we would have been set. And if you are not from Europe, (well, even if you are from Europe) You need to buy a 220 volt/6 Amp adapter if you want power at your campsite. But my number one piece of advice when camping through Spain is to pack a corkscrew. You cannot enjoy a Spanish evening without a glass of wine!

   Meg from MeanderWithMeg

I took a three week campervan trip around Spain in November, escaping the cold, grey skies of the UK. My friend and I purposefully chose off the beaten track locations to explore in Extremadura and spent time roaming the hills of the Sierra de Gata and small towns and villages in this rural area.
Because of the time of year we experienced few other tourists and enjoyed practising our minimal Spanish in little cafes and local shops. My travel style is fairly relaxed and so although I had a rough route planned of where I wanted to go, I usually didn’t book my campsite accommodation until that morning. I would not recommend this in the middle of summer as campsites will book up in advance, especially when the kids are off school.
My top tips for camping in Spain are:
  • Check out campsites away from the big cities; these will usually be less crowded, cheaper and more authentic
  • Do your food shopping in advance! The opening times of the small village store may not coincide with your arrival – stock up on food and supplies in larger towns and cities to see you through.
  • Care for your environment; respect the natural beauty of your surroundings by taking your rubbish with you, containing waste and using a fire pit to contain your fire

How to Find Your Ideal Campsite in Spain

Now that you know how great camping in Spain could be, especially when done right, it’s is time to find out where to go camping.

Therefore, I’d suggest looking for the closest one to your destination. For that, you can use one of the many camping directories and have a look around.

Here is how I used them to find the best campsites:

Pitch Up

Pitch Up wants to be as comprehensive as possible. For that, they even decline to take down campsites at the request of their owners unless the campsite is closed. And they are worldwide, too.

You can just keep guessing the number of campsites they have on their list.

So, how do you get around and find the campsite of your liking?

1 - Open Pitch Up and Choose Spain

As you will notice on their homepage, they have a list of more than 8,000 campsites. Browsing through them all is definitely not what you want to do. Unless you are bored and want to waste your time.

So, enter “Spain” in the search bar and click “search”. They already tell you to expect more than 300 campsites in the country only. You won’t be looking through each one of those, don’t worry.

2 - Choose which region you want to camp at

You will be tempted to check out the campsites that appear on the page. Please, don’t!

Instead, choose which region you want to travel to. That’s going to save the trouble of going through tens of list of campsites.

You will notice that there is a number next to each Spanish region. We’ll get those numbers down, too.

3 - Use the filters

On the left side of your screen, you will see a lot of features to choose from. PitchUp offers those so that you can easily eliminate campsites that do not fit you. We have done the same and we got the results from 310 campsites to only 64.

Now, it is easily manageable. I can still see how many campsites are available in each region and they would all be ideal, except I don’t know for sure.

This is where PitchUp steps up their game with an awesome feature.

4 - Compare campsites you like

Before choosing which campsite you’ll be spending your days at, you can compare those that have the features you have selected.

For this, we will choose two campsites from the region of Andalucia and compare them.

Under “book”, you can see a checkbox for “add to compare”. You can select as many campsites as you wish.

While you are doing that, you can see a “compare” grid showing up on the bottom of the window. Once you click “open compare grid”, you’ll be redirected to another page where PitchUp compares all the features of the two campsites, giving you the option to add more features that you haven’t selected before.

5 - Time to read the reviews

Before making the decision, head over to your favorite campsite’s page on PitchUp and read the reviews. You can easily do by simply clicking on the campsite’s name and you’ll be redirected straight there.

Sometimes you won’t find enough reviews to make a decision. There are other ways to do that, and I’ll guide you through them down below. So, keep on reading.

Camping Info

Even more comprehensive than PitchUp, Camping.info has 3x the number of campsites and that’s only in Europe. You are right if you think they have more available options than PitchUp when looking for campsites in Spain.

So, let’s work together and find the campsite you like on this directory.

1 - Open Camping.info and Choose Spain

Yes, yes! It’s exactly the same as the website mentioned above and the websites we’ll mention down below. So, why we keep repeating it? Because we don’t want you to look at a campsite somewhere else. You’ll get lost, you may find the ideal campsite, just not in Spain.

Also, the workaround Camping.info is a little different than the other websites.

Enter “Spain” in the search bar and wait for a second for more related search results to show and pick “all campsite in Spain”. Otherwise, you will direct to a map in Europe and a list that includes every campsite that has Spain somewhere in its name or its address.

Notice that this time we have more campsites to choose from, but we won’t do that, will we?

2 - Use the map in your favor

Instead of guessing where your favorite region in Spain is, Camping.info has an interactive map to help you navigate Spain anyway you wish.

You have the option to drop down the list of regions and be more specific about you want to camp. This gives you more control over your camping destination and brings down the number of campsites from +1.000 to a couple hundred or less.

3 - Choose the characteristics you want

Right next to the map, you can choose which characteristics you want your campsite to have. Again, this will shorten the list to a handful of campsites that you can choose from.

You can also use the ratings and availability to make the list even shorter. This will make easier to choose which campsite in Spain you will be spending your time at.

4 - Read the reviews for more insight

As usual, reading reviews of the campsite you like will give you more information on what to expect in real life. Some campers are active on the internet and love to leave feedback and you should capitalize on that.

In case you couldn’t find any reviews, I’ll cover that down below. So, just keep on reading.

Camping Card

You can get discounts if you book from here, but that is you find the campsite you like available here. CampingCard's list has fewer campsites than the two previous one. Still, it is worth taking a look at what they have.

1 - Open CampingCard and Choose Spain

I know, I know! You already know that. But CampingCard’s website has a more interactive front page than the other websites.

In fact, you can select Spain either from the map next to the search box or from the list of popular camping destination. Or, simply type “Spain” in the bar and click search.

2 - Use Advanced Search

You can save yourself the trouble of distracting images by selecting advanced search option and filling in the option you’d your campsite to have.

Instead of choosing 1 from +250 campsites in Spain, you will be left with a handful of them once you have finished selecting what you like and what you don’t like about your ideal campsite.

3 - Check the reviews and ratings

One awesome thing about CampingCard is that you will most likely find more reviews about a campsite on their website than any other. So, be sure to use that in your favor before making a final decision about where you’ll be going camping in Spain.

Camping Spain

As you may have guessed from their name, they are all about camping in Spain and just Spain. (No “Open and Choose Spain” this time.)  Camping Spain website has over 500 campsites ready to accommodate you while you experience a nice camping experience wherever you want.

1 - Open, choose the region, read the reviews

This is literally all you have to do. It is so simple that I don’t have words to go along with it. Except that there is also the option of themes.

If you are flexible in your destination, you pick which one of the 13 themes seems appealing to you and have fun!

Finding Spanish Campsite Reviews

So, you have found a few campsites that you like. But there aren’t many reviews about them and you wonder which one you should choose for your next trip.

There are a few ways to find what you are looking for. These may not work 100% of the time, but that’s because the campsite you found isn’t that popular.

Let’s start:

Official Campsite Website

If you find a campsite, you can find their website. Some of them (and it’s rare) will have the option of leaving feedback. If that’s the case, you’re most likely to find positive reviews on their services there.

Other Campsite Directories

Let’s say you find a great campsite at PitchUp, but the reviews are only 2. This is the case for Camping Cabopino in Malaga.

There are only 2 reviews on PitchUp, but you can find 87 reviews if you look at CampingCard.

It works every time but only for the +250 campsites in Spain that CampingCard has on its list.

TripAdvisor Reviews

I didn’t include TripAdvisor in the directories as they have too many on the list but you can’t really cherry pick as other websites mentioned. However, when it comes to reviews, TripAdvisor is almost never short of them.

So, how to find them? It’s too easy:

  • Type in the Google search bar the name of the campsite and add TripAdvisor after it.
  • Check the search results. It usually is one of the top 3.
  • Open TripAdvisor and scroll down to the reviews sections.

Google Has It ALL

If none of the above works for you, there is only one last option and it has to work. All you have to do is google “campsite name + review”. The search results should be from all kinds of websites about camping and accommodations. You HAVE to find reviews this way.

One More Thing

If you have found more than one campsite that fits you, here is a pro-tip for making a final decision;

PitchUp's Compare Grid!

Yes! You can go back to PitchUp, find both campsites and compare them. If one of them isn't listed in PitchUp, you have already found a winner.​


You have hundreds of campsites to choose from and many, many reasons to go camping in Spain.

​You have tips from professional travel bloggers who have experienced camping in Spain first hand.

You have full access to directories where you can find the best campsite for you.

What's stopping from going camping? What are​ you worries?

Or, have you been camping in Spain before? Let us know in the comments down below how your experience was.

Maybe you are going camping in the future. Let us know what campsite you have chosen and why.​

Happy camping, everyone!


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