The Ultimate Fuengirola Travel Guide

Do you love water sports, or do you simply enjoy life? Well, there’s a not-to-be missed adventure waiting just for you in Fuengirola. The captivating historically-rich town is located between Malaga and Marbella. Considered as one of the most important tourist attractions in Costa del Sol, Fuengirola will cast a love spell on you with its 7km beaches, fun activities, festivals, and castles. It goes without saying that Fuengirola is your next travel destination. Before booking your tickets and packing your bags, read our article to discover more about the Spanish astonishing town.

Flights to Fuengirola:

Costa del Sol’s airport, Malaga is the main way to get to Fuengirola. Almost every airline in Europe runs regular flights into it. However, prices vary depending on where you are in the world. It is recommended to book flights seven weeks before visiting Fuengirola to economize up to 12%. Once your feet kiss the ground, the upbeat town can then be reached through car, taxi or train.

Fly Out From the United States and Canada:

American Airlines and Air Canada are the leading airlines in North of America that fly to Malaga Airport. The average price of the flight is between $600 and $800, and will usually take around 13 hours or 9 hours if the flight is direct.

From Paris, London, and Berlin:

From Paris, flights cost around $100 with French airline, Air France.

From London , a ticket from British Airways is set to require around $110. Nevertheless, low-cost Irish airline, Ryanair offers around $50 per adult.

From Berlin, Air Berlin’s ticket fee is about $320. But if you want to save some money, other companies, such as easyJet and Iberia, charge almost half the price.

The flights mentioned above, call out for a 3 hours patience in airplanes.

From the Middle East:

Flights from Middle East are a little bit hard on the pocketbook. Usually made available by Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways, tickets to Malaga Airport cost approximately $800, but cheer up! Cheaper tickets could be obtained at around $500 from smaller airlines companies such as Norwegian.

Arrive to Fuengirola by Car:

Fuengirola is 25 km drive from Malaga airport. Rental car agents can be found within the airport, but you can usually save a few dollars by going to cheaper rental companies nearby the airport, rather than renting from a company inside. Check Car Hire Spain to find the best offers.


Fuengirola is 20 minutes by taxi, which operate 24/7 from the airport. The trip to the town usually costs $32-38 during the day and $42 at night.

Make sure to agree on the rate with the driver, so that you won’t be cheated.


The train trip costs $3 and takes about 35 minutes by suburban rail from Malaga airport.

Fuengirola is the last stop and is very easy to find. The first train leaves at 5.34 AM and then every 20 minutes another arrives until the last train at 11:03PM. Keep your ticket until you leave the station because you need it to be admitted out.

Now that you’ve reached Fuengirola, you probably need a place to settle down, and regain your energy to fully explore the town later on. Read below to discover where to stay during your visit to Fuengirola.


The town proposes a diverse selection of hotels for its visitors, from five-star deluxe resorts, to more family-run establishments and budget friendly hotels.

Most hotels are located right across the seafront, which extends for five miles, from Moorish Sohail Castle, northwards along the coast towards Torreblanca. Luxury hotels like the famous Las Pirámides cost about $500, less expensive hotels such as Hotel Monarque Fuengirola Park can be booked for $90 and cheap hotels like Hotel Agur around $45.


Most hostels are located nearby the coast, some offer a view of the sea and all within a quick walk to the beach. Many bars, clubs and restaurants are located along the coastline, to spice up your Mediterranean experience. We recommend Hostal Italia for $62, Hostal Marbella for $49, or Itaca Fuengirola for $38.


There are lots of options for holidaymakers, from villas to penthouse holiday. The town offers reasonable prices for all budgets and there are a range of good options, from budget friendly apartments, such as Maestro Concepcion Guidet for $60 to luxury apartments like Crown Resorts Club La Riviera for $160, or family-friendly apartments, such as Pierre & Vacances Benalmádena Príncipe for $70.

Getting Around in Fuengirola:

If you wish first to discover the town with the help of a native, you may want to give a try to the guided tour and excursions. Fun is guaranteed.

Buses in Fuengirola move around regularly to places along the coast such as Torremolinos and Marbella all the way to Estepona and Algeciras. Otherwise, you can always rent a car from local car rentals.

Fuengirola General Weather Report:

Fuengirola enjoys a typical sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, mainly hot summers and rainy but warm winters. Around the year, temperature typically varies between 8°C and 31°C, rarely dropping below 4°C or rising above 35°C. When heat waves hit the resort during the summer, temperatures can rise as high as the mid-40s, but worry not, it rarely happens and lasts only a few days.

Best Time to Visit Fuengirola:

The most popular time to visit Fuengirola is between May and September, the town guarantees its visitors clear blue skies and sunshine. During this season, the average temperature is 22°C. Summer starts off at just 18°C, but by July and August, it peaks at 24°C, but decreases dramatically at night to around 10 °C.

Top Five Things to Do in Fuengirola:

Scared of missing out on fun? Do not worry, these top 5 activities in Fuengirola are all about fun.


The 7km beaches in the resort are a sight to behold. The town has 7 beaches El Ejido,Santa Amalia, San Francisco, Los Boliches, Las Gaviotas, Carvajal, and Torreblanca, all are equally fascinating. With three beaches awarded the Blue Flag, hygiene is top-quality. Here are the 5 best beaches in Fuengirola.

Water Sports:

Fuengirola’s marina proposes an endless list of fun water activities, from parasailing, tubing, wakeboarding to water-skiing. The purpose is always to pump up some adrenaline.

If you’d like to enjoy less crazy but equally fun activities, you can go on a cruise into the mirrored waters to spot dolphins and meditate on beauty , or even go rent a yacht for a day or two.

Finca del Secretario:

Fuengirola is actually home to a Roman archaeological site dating to the 1st century. It used to serve as a bath, and strikingly the heating system is still visible to date.

You can have a thorough view from “El Jazzy Bar”, which is part of the complex, with a beer or a smoothie in hand.

Plaza de la Constitución:

The public space Plaza de la Constitución, is frequented by the town’s folk and particularly older citizens, chatting on benches, and enjoying their beautiful town.

Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church, which also holds occasional concerts, is located on the square.

At night this will most likely be your destination for tapas or sit-down meals.

Bioparc Fuengirola:

Fuengirola is not the place to see animals unhappy and locked up in cages. Here, there’s free and happy!

Visitors are guaranteed to have fun walking through adventurous paths at what looks like a tropical forest, with real vegetation and water waterfalls.

In summer you can book a “moonlight visit” to see nocturnal animals that would naturally hide or asleep during daylight hours.

Before packing your bags and flying out to Fuengirola, leave us your questions in the comments section, and we’ll answer as soon as we call.

Buen viaje!