Top 10 [AMAZING] Things to Do in Madrid

There is a long list of things to see and do in Madrid, Spain.

Choosing among the hundreds of options is not really an actual option.

Therefore, I’ll do that for you.

Below are the top 10 best things to do in Madrid, chosen by me.

Before visiting, you should make sure you have included, at least, one of these 10 in your itinerary.

  • 1 - Attend a Real Madrid Soccer Game

  • It is a must-see game, even if you are not a sport’s fan. The intensity in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is so high as there are as many as 85 thousands people cheering all 90 minutes of the game. You can find Cristiano Ronaldo, a four times Ballon D’or winner and multiple times nominee, play alongside the most incredibly talented and best trained athletes today.

  • 2 - Sing & Dance Flamenco in its Capital

  • Photo credit: Biker Jun via / CC BY-SA

    Madrid is not only Spain’s capital, but also flamenco’s. Since flamenco tablaos started to rise in the 19th century, the dancing and singing has been one of best things to see in Madrid. Interested in enjoying one of the shows? There are many flamenco tablaos, learn more about them here.

  • 3 - Feel the Romance in the Crystal Palace

  • The locals absolutely love the transparent crystal palace in Madrid city. It is surrounded by a little lake, which allows the guests to walk around it and enjoy the beautiful sight of the glass building. The palace is now used for exhibitions by the art museum Reina Sofa and is FREE to visit.

  • 4 - Visit the Royal Family’s Palace

  • Although the royal family does not consider it their home anymore, Royal Palace is still their official residence. The palace takes the visitors on a journey through which they learn about the history of the royal families that ruled Spain. The palace was built in 1750s and is still as strong of an architectural monument as it was then.

  • 5 - Get Inspired in Madrid’s Contemporary Art Center

  • There are many theatrical performances, musical shows, exhibitions, and much more, performed by both local and international artists. The center is a big open air space surrounded by new architectural buildings and is located where the old Madrid slaughterhouse used to be.

  • 6 - Meet at Crossroad at Puerta del Sol

    Photo credit: PromoMadrid via / CC BY-SA

  • All main streets lead and meet in that one square. Madrid’s famous landmarks, such as the clock at Casa de Correos, the statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, and other historical monuments are, literally, seconds from each other. It is one the most must-visit places in Madrid.

  • 7 - Go Shopping on a Sunday at El Rastro Market

  • Spain’s biggest, busiest, and most fun shopping spot is Madrid’s El Rastro flea market. A sea of locals and tourists fill the open air market to buy anything from clothes and accessories, to tech and jewelry. The market is open only Sundays and holidays, which means hundreds, if not thousands, come to shop the same day and the same time.

  • 8 - Or Go Shopping at Mercado San Miguel

  • The market is almost a hundred of years old and is one of the few market that are cast iron. Mercado San Miguel is now one of the best architectural buildings of its kind and it sells the best day-to-day products, as well as luxury and souvenirs. Everything you need or want to buy is probably there.

  • 9 - Enjoy a Night at the Opera in Madrid

    Photo credit: Almorca via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

  • Madrid de los Austrias is an area where modernity meets classical lifestyle in the form of Opera theaters and performances. Madrid’s nightlife in this area breathes and moves around opera performances. Artists and lovers of classical music come to this area of Spain’s capital to enjoy both professional and amateur performances in Teatro Real and Opera Square among other places.

  • 10 - Take a Tour Around the City

  • A city tour guide around the city will be most beneficial as it saves you transportation money and the time to look for what to see. You can mark the spots you’d like to revisit on your own and do that later. Here is one of the best tours available.

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