The Top 5 Best Beaches in Fuengirola

There is no complete vacation without a day in the beach. Therefore, you may be wondering where to find the best Fuengirola beaches.

If that’s the case, look no further. You just found what you need.

Down below, I will give a clear list of the best beaches in Fuengirola and what activities they offer.

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So, get your towels and swimsuits ready, it’s about to get wet.

El Ejido El Castillo

First on our list is one of the quietest beaches you can find. It is a one kilometer long fun beach that is great for families. Although El Ejido is popular among locals, only plan makers find a way to enjoy the beauty of this beach. It is located at very far west end of the city, away from all the craziness of the excited tourists.

It is not so far from Malaga’s port, which is one of the best things to do and see in Malaga. There are also many restaurants and cafés that have a great view of the Mediterranean sea. Chances are you will most definitely enjoy the sunset at one of them.

Playa de Santa Amalia

An extension of El Ejido, Santa Amalia is a kilometer and a half long. It is a great destination for families who are looking to enjoy a swimming day. Santa Amalia is a dark sand beach with many restaurants for grown ups and kid areas for their children to play.

Among many activities, shopping is the best thing to do near Santa Amalia. There are many shops all in a walking distance from the beach and from each other. After the sun sets, nightclubs and bar open for a lively Fuengirola nightlife experience.

Los Boliches Beach

One of the most visited beaches in Costa del Sol, Los Boliches is in the heart of Fuengirola. It has everything a visitor would want in a beach. It is so wonderful to the point that it was awarded many times the Blue Flag. In fact, it was awarded the Blue Flag 2016.

The wide area of the beach, stretched along 1100 meters of dark sand, is great for both families and lone travelers. One of the many activities to do in Los Boliches, though you may not be as good at it, is playing beach volleyball. There are nets set all over the beach at all times.

Las Gaviotas Beach

In the center of Fuengirola, Las Gaviotas is the busiest beach of all of the province. It attracts all types of water lovers to its dark sands, stretched along 2 kilometers. However, It can get very crowded during the summer season, especially July and August.

The beach is fine for a family trip to the beach in Fuengirola. There are many restaurants and children's play areas, as well as hotels to stay at. The best thing to do at Las Gaviotas is relax away from the busy life of the city.


Another beach at the limits of the town, Torreblanca is not at all crowded. It is only visited by people who’ve heard about it via the locals. Therefore, Torreblanca is the quietest beach on our list.

It is definitely the most relaxing beach due to its distance from the city. Torreblanca is also great for children as they have more space to run and enjoy the nice water of the beach. It is highly recommended, although there is not much partying or water activities available there.

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